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Knee pain, back pain, Shoulder pain

What to expect :


Here at Weymouth Osteopathy our aim is to provide effective treatment taking into account, the body as a whole. By treating the root cause rather than just the site of pain.


On you first appointment we aim to:


  • Assess your condition in full - this will include a full medical case history.
  • Provide a treatment plan which may include Massage therapy, Articulation,Soft Tissue Techniques, Mobilisation of the joints or an alternatve program of rehabilitation.


The assessment should take approximately 1hr, however should you have a complicated medical history this may require you to come back to complete the assessment.


At Weymouth Osteopathy we offer advice on posture, exercise and breathing techniques for a better core and healthier body.


We conform to the Osteopaths Code of Practice (GOsC) to provide the best outcome possible for all.





Price list


Initial assessment 60 mins £48

Treatment 30 mins £38


Payment by card, cash or cheque on booking


48 Hour Cancellation Policy applies


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